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Here is a new led street light project that finished in Italy, 7m height poles, totally 115pcs 60W J06 Series led street light,  Perfect lighting effect, client is very happy with its performance.

60w Italy 1.JPG

60w Italy 2.JPG

60w Italy 3.JPG

Please note: MOC J06 Series led street light, including 30w street light, 60w street light, 100w led street light, 120w led street light and 150w led street light, Module design, each module 96pcs Philips SMD3030 LEDs, The whole lamp lumen is up to 150lm/w. high lumen solution, Warranty time: 5 years. The most important is unique design, streamline and elegant appearance, anti-dust, anti-ponding water and anti-corrosion. For more information, welcome to contact us.

Project Case Of 60w Led Street Light In Italy

Project Case Of 60w Led Street Light In Italy