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Both professional stadium lighting and amateur grounds such as school stadiums, lighting mounting have to comply with the scientific methods. UEFA and FIFA standards require LED lighting installers to consider various installation aspects such as the pole quantity, the field size, pole height, and the expected ground lux.

a. Four corners guidelines

In four corners lighting, the stadium lights installers have to locate the masts in four corners of the stadiums. The light beans will converge from these four corners to the stadium’s center. In such cases, the installation masts should be as high as possible – in case of professional stadiums – so that the light can travel more efficiently to the center part of the stadium while maintaining uniformity and good anti-glare.

If the masts are very low, the light might not reach the middle area and keep adequate brightness – the distribution of brightness will suffer. To make uniform lights, you should stick to an installation height around 30 meters in the Class 1 stadiums. That way, you will enjoy higher quality projection.

b. Four poles at the center of the stadium

This method of stadium lights installation involves the installation of four masts at the center part of the stadium – on two sides. The light beams travel from the four masts to the entire stadium. Therefore, during the design phase, the installers have to consider the four corners. The mast has to be high but not as high as expected with the four-corner lighting method.

c. 6-8 pole distribution

At times, people choose to install 6-8 masts. In such cases, the height of the mast should not necessarily be very high because the many poles allow for uniformity and better distribution of light. In training courts, high school and college sports lights installation, you are likely to find 8-12 meters high masts. The installers place the 6-8 masts in equal distances and designing for the light distribution is easier when the masts are more. On the downside, you will have to spend more on the poles or masts. Taller masts are more expensive than short ones. Therefore, you have to consider all the factors carefully during the installation.

Installation Height of Sports Lights

Installation Height of Sports Lights