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LED: It’s a semi-conductor bulb which usually glows with electrical energy passes through it.


Halogen: It is an incandescent lamp whose filament is surrounded by halogen gas. The bulbs look and operate quite similar to the traditional incandescent lamps.


Their main differences are as follows:

1. Energy Consumption and Efficacy

The amount of energy consumed by halogen is much lower as compared to LED. If you are to measure the amount of light which any light source emits, then technically a halogen produces 50,000 lumens translating into an efficacy of 500 watts. but near half of light is converted to heat, so acutal usage lumen is near 25,000 lumens


On the other hand, LED is known to produce about 60,000-75,000 for using 500 watts. When the efficacy is higher, more current is emitted.  


From the above compare, to replace a 500w halogen lamp is only need 200W or 250W led lamp.

2. Estimated Lifespan

All lamps come with some kind of lifespan associated with it. Some of them range from as low as 750 to as long as 100,000 hours. Basically, it all depends on the kind of lamp. Apart from the type of lamp, you can also be sure that general usage, handling, and even brand are major determinants of any lifespan of a lamp.


Even so, LED are believed to have a much longer lifespan in comparison to is estimated that most LEDs have a lifespan that goes up to 50,000 hours. If you count this in years, it about 10+ years, while most halogen lamps as known to last for just about 1 year.

3. Type of Emissions

Halogen lights do turn on in a very slow manner while technology favors instant illumination. These bulbs are also known to emit a lot UV radiation, and they also contain mercury. It definitely requires care when you are disposing of them.


Meanwhile, LED is simply as semi-conductor that is light-emitting and glows once an electrical current pass through them. They also illuminate light quite instantly, and they do not pose any health concerns to users.

Below shows the traditional HPS or Metail Halide light with actual lumens. It greatly guide us to make replacement by right LED lamps.

Traditional Lamp Actual  Lumens 
70 Watt HPS / Metal Halide 2,000 lumens
100 Watt HPS / Metal Halide 3,000 lumens
150 Watt HPS / Metal Halide 5,000 lumens
250 Watt HPS / Metal Halide 10,000-12,000 lumens
400 Watt HPS / Metal Halide 15,000-25,000 lumens
1000 Watt HPS / Metal Halide 40,000-55,000 lumens




LED is known to produce about 60,000-75,000 for using 500 watts. When the efficacy is higher, more current is emitted.  From the above compare, to replace a 500w halogen lamp is only need 200W or 250W led lamp.

The differences between LED and Halogen