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Technical Support

1. Strong technical teams support, solve all kinds of product and applications problems.

2. Per your drawings, provide the best intelligent lighting solution.

3. Provide accessories material requirements.

Service Strategy

Provide 24 hours hotline service, pre-sale consulting, sale arrangement and after-sale complaint handling etc. service support. Our company always adheres to the needs of customers first, customer satisfaction oriented service purpose, established an effective guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprise customer service support system, in order to realize the harmonious development of the customer and the company, co-prosperity win-win goal.


Give customers good usage products experience, create higher customer satisfaction

Customer service hotline: 86-138 2368 5778

Warranty of Product

Qualification The warranty starts from the date of invoice. The item must be faulty due to manufacturing defects and not rendered faulty due to misuse such as use at elevated temperatures, use at high supply voltages and use in adverse environments or similar circumstances or situations that take Ventures product outside of its published data. Venture will only supply a replacement product for each faulty product returned and will not contribute towards other costs, which implies and not limited to; costs of consequential losses, labour costs, equipment and hire costs, transport costs and any other associated costs of retrieving the original product and or refitting a new product. Where original products are no longer available due to obsolescence or unavailability, the nearest alternative will be offered.

The warranty time of our products is 3-7 years according to clients choice.

Problem Solutions

Handle customer complaints and Suggestions

1. 24 hours hotline service.

2. If product quality problems, within 48 hours to respond.

3. During warranty period, damage caused by product quality problems, is responsible for the maintenance of replacement etc.